My name is Richard Lawson.  I have been on the Internet since the previous millenia, having registered in 1999 after my Dungeons and Dragons wizard.

While a student at Caltech I used much of my valuable study time sitting at a terminal using the jsend command to chat with students at other colleges.  IBM provided my dorm with free IBM PC’s, and then later XT’s.  We were all floored by the technical specs, which included a whopping forty megabytes of hard disk space.  I actually said out loud at the time, “Who could even fill forty megabytes with data?”

Data exploded shortly thereafter, and I found fascination in accessing and maintaining that data.  I now work as a Cloud Services Engineer, deploying Infrastructure as Code using mostly Puppet and Python.  But harking back to my college days when the thought of filling a hard drive with that much data seemed impossible, I have striven to keep my own code base as simple and concise as possible while still being maintainable and accessible.

I hope with these blog entries I can detail how I’ve tried to accomplish this.